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American Video Equipment (www.aveusa.com) Point of sale equipment including cash register and ATM interfacing along with I-Checked system and DVRs. Also provide mobile recording systems. Passive UTP transmitters / receivers for video, audio and PTZ control to up to 1500 feet. The UTP 1500 filters out noise better than others and allows for longer runs with no power. The UTP 1500 can send the "up the coax" PTZ control longer than other brands.
axtonLogo AXTON is a manufacturer of professional Infrared illuminators and white light. Their engineers have vast optoelectronics and R&D experience which allow them to design and manufacture a full line of IR illuminators. They put a lot of emphasis into incorporating new concepts and rapidly developing innovations, such as IP/Network systems and solid state technology into the product line.  OEM and ODM solutions are offered to match the exacting specifications of the customer.  Once final design is approved, the first batch can be delivered in 3-6 months. All products are protected by a Lifetime Warranty with advanced replacement The installer only has to go up the ladder once when changing out a unit.
canon (www.usa.canon.com) Canon U.S.A., Inc., headquartered in Lake Success, New York, is a leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging that now includes Security Video Solutions. Product line includes network digital video cameras which are the heart of Canon's Security Video Solutions, allowing the transmission of high-quality video images through the Internet or a LAN connection for remote monitoring. We also offer analog Pan/Tilt/Zoom video security cameras that are specifically designed to meet the specialized needs of the security industry, providing professional-grade video monitoring at a superb value for your security monitoring budget. Also offered is network video monitoring software. Store, manage, archive and access security video in an integrated comprehensive package.
Diamond Electronics (www.diamondpower.com) Special application cameras, housings and accessories for high temperature furnace viewing of steel, cement, and glass production. Diagnostic and vision systems including industrial process viewing.
www.ecsiinternational.com For over 30 years ECSI International, Inc. has been a global leader in perimeter security and a quality provider to the DOD, DOE, NRC and other large commercial and industrial complexes. The company designs, manufactures and markets physical electronic security systems for high profile, high threat environments. Products include cooled and non-cooled thermal imaging camera systems, long range night vision systems using both IR and laser illumination, pulsed infrared perimeter intrusion detection, fiber optic fence and wall intelligence detection, architectural bollard systems, along with many other state of the art products.

Complete line of multi-unit residential intercommunication equipment. Designed for apartment bulidings, condominiums and small to medium office buildings. Stations include listen, talk and the ability to unlock a door. Available as seperate components or packaged in easy to order kits

Ikegami (www.ikegami.com) CCTV cameras for special applications such as severe back light conditions, extreme low light or the need of broadcast quality resolution in a CCTV camera. All Ikegami CCD cameras have a ten year warranty. Full line of monitors, housings, mounts, recording equipment, and accessories.
Protection Technologies (www.protechusa.com) For over 30 years Protech has provided military, government, commercial, and industrial users the highest standard in intrusion sensors using a proprietary dual-channel microwave design called stereo doppler. Models are available for indoor, outdoor, explosion-proof and towers.

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